What are Video Game Terminals (VGT’s)?

VGT’s are pay-to-play video gaming machines that simulate gambling games like poker, black jack, and line up. They use video displays and award winners with free games or credits that can be redeemed for cash.

VGT’s Create Tax Revenue

One Illinois VGT generates about $102 in tax revenue a day.1 There’s no reason Indiana shouldn’t have VGT’s. For one, it’s not government’s job to control what games people are or are not playing. Secondly, by not allowing VGT’s we’re missing out on added tax revenue.

VGT’s Help Small Businesses

Businesses that have VGT's have a step up on competition. VGT's create an extra revenue stream, which keeps small businesses open and jobs secure.

VGT’s Help Veterans Organizations

Allowing VGT’s in veteran’s organizations, like the American Legion, allows these crucial organizations to continue supplying essential services to Hoosier veterans by adding an extra revenue stream to programming and services.